Sunday, 20 March 2011

12lb Springer

What a cracker!! Here's Mr Ian Marshalls 12lb Springer landed in the Ram's Horn Pool,on a copper salmo. this was the second Springer landed on Saturday at Dalmarnock.At 2 for 1 offer until the end of March mon to fri this is a fantastic time to book fishing on Dalmarnock!
for more information or to book fishing Tel 07981811403 or Email

Jamie Caruth

What a great sight! Young Jamie Caruth fly fishing his way down the Fernie Haugh Pool.

Although Jamie was only ten years old he looked as if he had been fly fishing for twenty!!

very well done Jamie keep at it.

Openingday 2011

Unfortunately the steep hill from the hut to the river was dangerously slippy so most of the party stayed at the hut, Piper included.Mr Tony Smith made the first cast of the season.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Oak Tree Pool

Big hen fish crashing about the Oak Tree Pool. for more information or to book fishing

Tel: 07981811403 or Email


17lb Autum hen fish from the Oak Tree Pool.

Big Hen Released

and off she swims . for further information or to book fishing Tel:07981811403 or Email

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Big Brownie

Topper of a wild Brown Trout from the Inch Stream Pool. did it think the silver salmo lure was a salmon smolt!!! hope not.